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Infrared physics
Infrared (IR) radiation is "redder than red", and so cannot easily be seen, but otherwise it is just like ordinary light. This fact will be familiar to anyone who has ever felt the heat radiated from a hot oven, and has observed the dark red glow arising when the heat becomes stronger: Some of the heat radiation becomes visible when the temperature increases. Thus, infrared radiation is essentially heat radiation. Read more

Infrared spectra

Reliable Gas Detection
The unique properties of the patented single-pulse infrared gas detector eliminate the need for frequent recalibrations and problems with long term drift. And does so with greatly improved sensitivity, resolution and time response. Thanks to the Infra Rapid IR source, the new technology secures correct readings throughout the product's lifetime. Read more

CO2 sensor
IR Gas Sensors for CO, HC, C2H2, CH4 ,HCN
Comag IR is now introducing IR Gas Sensors for low concentrations of Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons, Acetylene, Methane and Hydrogen Cyanide. The new SmartScan gas detecors will initially be available only as complete systems. Together with our industrial partners, Comag IR now makes this revolutionary IR gas sensor technology available throughout the world. Read more

CO2 sensors for building automation
Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) is now starting to move in the buildings' automation market after problems with inferior (electro)chemical sensors and so-called self-calibrating infrared CO2 sensors were holding it back. The solution is the new generation digital infrared CO2 gas sensors from Comag IR, and the energy savings are huge - typically 60% on fan energy and 50% on energy for heating / cooling as compared with CAV or VAV ventilation. Read more
Demand Controlled Ventilation
Infrared CO sensor for garage ventilation
The new 4021H gas sensor for reliable low level detection 0-1000ppm of CO (carbon monoxide) is now shipping. Tailored for HVAC control and alarm in underground parking garages and tunnels, the gas analyzers accuracy opens for other applications as well. Read more CO sensor for tunnels and parking garages

New SmartScan software
The SmartScan Datalogger software for analysis of logged data has been updated with new features after the introduction of the digital temperature and humidity plug. Read more
CO2 datalogger software
CO2, temperature and humidity
The SmartScan 4022D infrared gas analyzer now comes in a small transport case for the CO2 data logger with the new optional and highly accurate digital temperature and humidity sensors.
Read more
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