SmartScan datalogger software for CO2 sensors with CO2, temperature and relative humidity

Screenshots from our Datalogger software

The below screenshot show the main window on our SmartScan datalogger software. Information includes the PPM value of CO2, temperature in Celcius or Fahrenheit and relative humidity in % (multiplied by 10 for visability),  the loggers serial number, measurement start and end time, measured period and pressure level for the measured site (air pressure).
As shown below, one can zoom into the graph for details, and a small information window pops up in the upper right corner of the program window. In the pop up window one can get detailed information on each individual measurement containing time of measurement, CO2 level in PPM and temperature.
Below left shows the pop up window that occurs by clicking on "Change" Elevation in the program window. The user might enter the height above sea level in feet or metres, or enter the actual air pressure in millibar.

Below right shows the options of setting the threshold levels for the LED bar in the main program window. (default values shown)

The window to the right shows the dialogue box for downloading logged data from the loggers internal memory. Once the file is downloaded, it can be viewed and saved to the users PC by selecting "Open Logger Download File". Once saved, the log file can be exported as an ASCII file for spreadsheet import.
The window below shows an Excel import of the exported ASCII file that contains the same details as seen in our zoomed window above: Time (hh:mm:ss) and date (mm:dd:yy) of measurement, CO2 in PPM and Temperature in Celcius and relative humidity in %.
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