SmartScan CO2 HVAC sensor - configuration software - Demand Controlled Ventilation
SmartScan Software

Screenshots from our HVAC configuration software

The window below shows the main program window, and while the sensor is connected to the user PC, the PPM level of CO2 and Temperature in Celcius will be updated at each sample. Below the sample interval is set to the minimum time of 15 seconds.
By selecting Settings->Time Interval, the below, left window will appear, enabling the user to set the measurement interval within the range (15 seconds to 4 hours).

By selecting Settings->Alarm Level, the below , right window will appear, enabling the user to set the scale in PPM as well as the span for the analogue relay output (open - close).

The window below will appear by selecting Settings->User Comments. This enables the user to enter information into the sensors memory.
By selecting Settings->Zero Reset, the below window will appear, enabling the user to "recalibrate" the sensor in case the sensor should have drifted over a longer period of time. The Zero Reset function do not acquire any calibrated gas, as the measured PPM level can be entered and saved. By using one of our datalogger models as a master unit, the user can easily reset or check the sensors on site by connecting to the HVAC sensors RS232 port.
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