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The SmartScan Infrared Gas Sampler & the InfraRapid IR emitter

Comag is proud to make available its innovative SmartScan IR gas sensor modules for general usage, with high sensitivities for essentially all gases except O2, N2, H2, noble gases and similar. The sensors are entirely electronic with no moving parts, and are built around our unique InfraRapid thermal IR radiation source, whose emissions are fully controllable with useful intensities many times larger than conventional IR sources.Click here or on the screenshot below to view more details about our gas sensors' resolution.
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The SmartScan technology produces technically advanced IR gas sensors previously unavailable. Our units compete with present chemical and electrochemical gas sensors, yet retain the full superiority and advantages of high-level IR technology. For instance, the sensitive elements are separated from the gases to be measured by means of IR transparent windows, so that the crucial parts of the sensors avoid contamination otherwise caused by ambient conditions. The SmartScan sensors are self-referencing, stable and robust, and essentially eliminate interference between different gases due to the selectivity of IR gas spectra.

SmartScan 4022D CO2 sensor

The SmartScan IR modules can be delivered as OEM units on a single, small and self-contained electronics board, or as part of complete gas samplers in suitable housings with external power connections, communications and/or read-out meter, - they are simple to install and operate, and are economical to employ. Sensitivities are at parts per million levels or better, yet will not saturate for high gas densities. No recalibration or servicing is required in normal use; the samplers will work for many years without failure even in severe environments. Whenever required, the SmartScan IR gas samplers are easily integrated into existing sensor loops and future data bus networks, e.g. in condition monitoring of large buildings, oil platforms, gas distribution networks, reliable fire alarm networks and other complex systems.

Consequently, our SmartScan IR modules can be adapted to a variety of demanding gas measurement applications in any conceivable industrial sector. However, this superior technology also opens up equally important consumer applications for IR gas monitoring, e.g., to examine the air that surrounds us for its health and safety. In time, this will affect us all.

In addition, multigas detection is now possible at little extra cost.

And for the conscious "Smart House" owner, the SmartScan IR gas sampler offers new opportunities to control the air quality and gaseous environment of his home.

SmartScan logger kit

Altogether, the SmartScan IR modules represent a revolution in infrared gas sensing, destined to make a strong impact on control and security technologies and for gas sensor services both in professional and consumer sectors.
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