0-100ppm low level infrared CO gas analyzer (Carbonmonoxide)

SmartScan Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor

The SmartScan Infrared CO sensor
Comag is proud to make available the worlds first infrared CO gas sensor. Please note that the zero has been moved up by 20ppm's to assure you that we are not masking drift or oscillation at zero ppm's of Carbon monoxide.

The screenshot below shows that the sensor was started, and introduced to a calibrated gas of 475ppm CO, then introduced to a calibrated gas of 100ppm CO, before compressed air without CO was introduced.

Below, we have zoomed into the screen at the top of this page, showing you what happens when we change from 475 ppm's of CO to 100 ppm's of CO (remember that the zero point is altered by 20 ppm.) Each point represents a single complete measurement conducted every 15 seconds.

The bottom axis represents measurement number, while the left axis represents ppm's of CO.

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