Infrared Gas Sensor technology and Infrared Gas Detection

SmartScan Technology
Below is shown an example using the SmartScan Gas Analyzer software for stepwise zooming into a series of 1,200 individual gas sample points. As will be seen, each sample represents a single IR pulse measurement executed in less than one second. In the present setting, there is a 15 second time slot between each pulse.

Left axis shows the CO2 in ppm's, while lower axis identifies the number of samples.

Below: Zooming closer into the graph above reveals the high signal-to-noise ratio, a characterizing feature of the SmartScan technology, which enables the detection of 100 times lower gas concentrations than competing IR technologies and products allow for.

Below: Zooming even further into the graph above, exposes the resolution attainable with the SmartScan technology. With a resolution of 0.1 ppm, the screenshot shows some 45 consequtive single pulse measurements inside a span of 1 ppm around 458.6 ppm's of CO2.

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